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Revisiting the archaeological site of Sounion_ a new approach

The project is located on the south part of Attica, Sounion. This is a place with a unique natural landscape and an extreme historical value, which stand as an occasion for the outset of the diploma project.

Cape Sounion, where stands the world wide renown temple of Poseidon and its archaeological site, is a confoundedly special place, where a steep cliff merges dynamically with the sea waves. Therefore the remaining few columns of the temple, seem to be lightweight, floating above the sea.

The diploma project aims to rethink the way of approaching the archaeological site. The architectural gesture aims to solve the problematical situation of the parking lot, the cafeteria and the shop of the archaeological site and it emerges from the mapping of a larger walking experience, which finally integrates some stoping spots and other uses.

Presentation: July 2017 at the NTUA

Tutors: Tilemachos Andrianopoulos, Vana Xenou

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