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S e/o wing, 2019

Paper, Needle

Dimensions variable

This is not Sewing.

This is Sowing nothingness.

To curve your time.


Feel free to touch the wound.


Precariously born,


Words sound like swords.


In this Fragility


We Move


We Come


We Go


We Bloom 


We Kiss


We Love


We Destroy/


We Delete


We Replay


We Vineyard


We Ocean


We Moon


-and Sky


We Rocks


-and cliffs  


We Run 


We Dive


We Hide


We Mouth


-and Eyes/


We Dance

-The Dance


We Myth


-The Myth


We Sun 





We Drink 


-and Drunk


We Touch


-The Touch


We Breath


-The Breath



We Lighthouse


We Abyss


We Kids


We Pomegranate


We Dandelion


We Swords 


We Words


We Silence.


We Red


-and Blue


We Fly


We Fruit


We Waves


We Come


We Go.







In this this fragility we've lived.

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