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Your Soul of Soil (and future cherry blossom trees), 2019

soil, plaster, cherry seeds, white chalk 

Dimensions variable


"Temporarily changing the environment, this ephemeral intervention belongs to the public space and the surrounding environment. Strangers cross paths where vertical and horizontal lines meet. The work reveals the essence and abilities of the space by combining performance with subtle interruption, acting as a border that can be challenged or overcome. The act of "sowing" cherry seeds into the soil transforms the "border" into a place of creation, possibilities and future life. In what kind of scale do authority and freedom exist and have power?"

"For Authority & Freedom: Testing the Context"  

at M8 motorway pedestrian underpath, Glasgow

Curated by: Beatriz Lobo Britto, Dia- Jiaying Cao, Luke- Kehan Liu, Marianne Vosloo, Claude Chan.

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