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Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF)

Future Retro, 25-29 May 2022

Athens, Kotzia Square

Interactive Installation,

a collaboration with Geortzina Pantazopoulou

mixed media 

dimensions variable


00:00 / 03:34

A simultaneous action of typing, searching and sharing of our unique data is being performed through our physical and digital body often under the prism of loneliness. The physical self coexists with the digital and they confess data to each other.  At he same time, the digital Other is there to hear, collect, save, share or even use these data. DATA CONFESSION re-approaches the idea of the Confessional in a post-human era. It aims to rethink the meditative and cathartic process of confession adjusted right here, right now in a digital reality. Visitors are invited to confess to an invisible other: the Internet. An affirmation that the uncomfortable, weird, unappealing online information that we seek or share on Internet search engines is in fact a confession that is stored forever in our unique algorithms. In this retro-futuristic communion the data world replaces the human presence. Can you be healed by the digital Other?

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